IRC Internationals - Dubai 2018

Senior Level Problem Statement

The Problem Statement

To build a pair of autonomous robots that will carry out the task of rescuing lost documents (henceforth called Blueprints) from the Enemy Base Camp.

Problem Description

An army or ground force is a fighting force that works primarily on land. In the broadest sense, it is the land-based military branch of armed forces of a nation.

This force is sometimes tasked to carry out operations to get into enemy camps and rescue items and documents (called Blueprints here).

Your team will be tasked to develop two autonomous robots that will be sent from the Army Base Camp to rescue the lost documents (henceforth called Blueprints) from the Opponent/Enemy Base camp. This team will be equipped with jammer and explosive for backup/return.

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Arena Details

Note: Refer the arena image for the initial positions of props

Senior Arena Senior Arena