IRC Open League 2016 Problem Statement Junior Level

Problem Statement

To build a pair of wired / wireless Robots that can be launched on the Moon surface to carry out research and send data back to Earth.

Problem Description:

India, since independence, has always exhibited keen interest in expanding its space programs. The primary focus has been to develop satellite and communication technology so far. This vision has definitely helped the country both commercially and technologically. Our satellites are now hired by other countries or private enterprises to send payload in the space. The Satellite program has contributed towards developing a robust communication network across the country. Building upon the previous vision, the new leadership at ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) has challenged the next generation of Scientists to prepare for sending manned mission to the space.

"Incredible India" needs your help to develop robots for one such space mission - Chandrayaan 2. Your team will be tasked to develop two robots that can go on the Lunar mission to ascertain the finding of water amongst other things and report back to Earth. The description of the two robots is as:

Both the Robots have to carry out a myriad of tasks on the Moon surface ranging (but not limited to) from setting up Moon Impacter Probe (MIP), clearing the rocks, cross the bridge over craters, capturing pyroxene and silica in addition to initiate fossilisation and hoisting the flag onto the Moon Surface. All these tasks would involve different kinds of mechanisms and its best to select specific mechanisms to each of the bots. We have tried to name the bots appropriately, however, the final choice of mechanisms is your team's decision:


DumperBot has an in-built dumper so that it can help in loading and unloading of both pyroxene and silica from the Moon's surface.


PickBot has a sophisticated pick/drop mechanism so that it can easily pick up the MIP in addition to the silica and pyroxene from the Moon's surface.

Note: The above bots have suggested names based on their mechanisms, you can decide to equip them with any of the mechanisms that you feel are appropriate.


  • The length & width of the arena is 10 feet x 8 feet.
  • Arena is placed on the ground within a frame boundary (made out of EVA).
  • Both dumperBot and pickBot will be kept at the start 1 and 2 respectively.
  • All the props (MIP, Silica, pyroxene, rocks etc) are of the suggestive shapes made out of Avishkaar kits only.
  • All the props are described in tremendous detail next to the arena design.

Arena Details

Arena Tasks

Any mission that lands on moon's surface has a myriad of tasks involved - right from symbolic ones like hoisting the flag on the moon's surface to more concrete ones like collecting rock samples and sending images back to earth. This mission will also have a combination of these tasks, they are explained below:

Picking the MIP: One of the Robots has to pick up MIP (Moon Impacter Probe) and drop it to the MIP holder.
Dropping of Flag: One of the Robot has to drop the Flag at Flag Holder.
Crossing the Bridge: Both the bots will have to cross a crater (via bridge) in order to reach to the precious silica and send to Earth.
Clearing the Debris: Moon's surface has a lot of debris on its surface and the robot (alone or in team) have to clear the debris (made up of rocks) from the arena to reach to the site of silica. Once the debris is cleared, the robot has to indicate that the path is cleared.
Picking Silica from Mons Ampere: Mons Ampere is a mountain kind of structure on the Moon's surface, one of the bots has to extract silica from the same.
Note: None of the robots can proceed towards Mons Ampere until the switch is pressed by one of the robots.
Dislocating the Silicon from the Mons Ampere: After pressing the switch, one of the bots has to move forward and dislocate the silicon from the Mons Ampere.
Dislocating pyroxene from the crater: After pressing the switch, one of the bots has to move forward and dislocate the pyroxene from the crater.
Unloading pyroxene and silicon in the Avishkaar Area: Once both pyroxene and silicon have been picked up from the crater and Mons Ampere, the robot (alone or in team) will move towards the Avishkaar Area to drop both of these materials onto the the autonomous launch vehicle (container) kept in the Avishkaar Area.
Packing the container for transportation: After placing the pyroxene and silicon onto the autonomous launch vehicle (container), any of the robots needs to ensure that its packed properly so that the material can be transported to Earth. The packing shall happen only when the container top is put on the container.
Fossilisation: Any Space Mission would leave breadcrumbs on its way back so that the progress can be tracked in the future. Similarly, your robot will have to drop a leaf onto the Lava zone so that the fossilisation of the same can be recorded.
Hoisting the flag: The flag has to be picked up from the flag holder and hoisted on the top of Mons Pico. This can be done only once all the other tasks have finished.


Task DescriptionScore
Easy Tasks
Successfully picking the MIP from Avishkaar area+40
Successfully dropping the MIP in the MIP holder+30
Successfully dropping the flag in Flag Holder+40
Successfully pressing the switch to get green signal to move forward (This can only happen if the debris has been cleared and the bot(s) that cleared the debris has crossed the bridge)+20
Successfully placing the container top on the container full of silicon and pyroxene+50
Successfully picking the leaf (sequencing of the leaf can be anything)+30
Moderate Tasks
Successfully crossing the bridge by Bot 2 (this can be done only once during a complete run)+40
Successfully crossing the bridge by Bot 1 (this can be done only once during a complete run)+40
Successfully dislocating silicon from Mons Ampere+50
Successfully dislocating the Pyroxene from the crater +50
Successfully dropping the leaf in Lava for fossilization+50
Level - Difficult
Successfully clearing the path (+20 for each stone, path can be only cleared by any bot if and only if it has crossed the bridge)+60
Successfully picking the Silicon from Mons Ampere (Silicon can be only picked if the bots have crossed the bridge and the green signal has been given)+120
Successfully picking the Pyroxene from crater (Pyroxene can be only picked if the bots have crossed the bridge and the green signal has been given)+120
Successfully unloading Silicon and Pyroxene in Avishkaar area (team does not have to bring the container to the actual arena)
Note: Unloading the pyroxene has to be happen only in the container and not inside the Avishkaar Area
80 + 80
Successfully hoisting the flag on Mons Pico+100

Prop Description

Junior Level Rules and Regulations

  • The duration of the run will be 4 minutes and there won't be any trial time provided for the run on the event day.
  • Scores will be given only if the props are dropped completely into the drop area, not partially.
  • There is no size restriction on the dumperBot or pickBot barring the fact that the wheels of the bot should be able to fit into the start area (1ft by 2 ft).
  • There is no restriction in the number of motors/brains used per robot.
  • Only Avishkaar kits are allowed to build these Robots.
  • A power source of 7.5 Volts and 2200 MAH current is allowed in the bots.
  • Participants can touch the Robots only when they are in the start areas and nowhere else. They can add/remove mechanisms only in start area.
  • If any of the Robot goes out of the arena, the referee would bring it back to the respective Start area and the arena props (if they were attached to the robot in some manner) to their respective start locations.
  • If a team is able to finish all its tasks before time, all the props will be refurbished on the arena and the team can start scoring points again.


Mechanical Design
Arena Run