IRC Open League 2016 Problem Statement Middle Level

Problem Statement

To build a pair of Robots that can do tiger tracking in the forests of Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Problem Description:

India, over the last two decades, has seen tremendous economic growth. This growth has brought great prosperity to the people of India but has also resulted in some serious environmental problems. One such problem is sharp decline in the number of tigers in India's forest reserves.

"Incredible India" will cease to hold any meaning in case there are no tigers (which is also our National Animal) left in the country. Your team will be tasked with this mission to create a pair of Robots that can help with tracking the number of tigers in the Bandhavgarh National Park. The description of the two robots is as:


PickBot is a robot that has been tasked to ensure that it picks, pulls and drops various equipment that is used to track tigers in the forest. The bot has to do a variety of tasks like removing first camp's lid and radio collars from the camp site 2. These are just some of the tasks, you can refer to the task description paragraph.


DartBot is the second robot that has been tasked to ensure that it picks, pulls and drops various equipment that's used to track tigers in the forest. The bot has to do a variety of tasks like picking up cameras from the first camp or picking up darts from camp site 2 or shooting tranquillising darts. These are just some of the tasks, for the complete list you can refer to the task description paragraph.

Note: The above bots have suggested names based on their mechanisms, you can decide to equip them with any of the mechanisms that you feel are appropriate.


  • The length & width of the arena is 10 feet x 8 feet.
  • Arena is placed on the ground within a frame boundary (made out of EVA).
  • Both pickBot and dartBot will be kept at the paw 1 and paw 2 respectively.
  • All the props (camp 1 and 2, cameras, dart, radio collar and trees) are of the suggestive shapes made out of Avishkaar kits only.
  • All the props are described in detail next to the arena design.

Note: The actual design of the arena (with actual dimensions) is present on the next page.

Arena Details

Arena Tasks

Tiger tracking is a fairly complex procedure, therefore, its imperative that we understand the complete methodology before we describe the individual tasks:

How is tiger tracking accomplished in real-life?

Tiger tracking is accomplished by fixing Remote Sensing cameras at specific spots where you would expect the tiger to be present in a jungle/forest. After this, we will get pictures of all animals including tigers which crossed before those cameras via satellite grabs. Once the team goes through the daily habits/patterns of tigers, the team identifies strategic locations from which darts are shot on the tigers to sedate them so that a radio collar can be put on them. These radio collars enable us to do the counting and continuous monitoring of these tigers. Your bots have to accomplish these tasks - and there is no task specificity of the same:

Unliding the Camp 1: One of the robots has to reach to Camp 1 and open it from the top only.
Placement of Cameras: The remote sensing cameras (three in number) are kept in the camp 1 and have to be placed on their specific positions within the forest. This can be only achieved once you remove the lid from top.
Activating the camp 2: Dart and Radio Collars have been placed within the camp #2. There’s a button that has to be pressed from front side of camp #2, only then will the team be able to collect the dart and radio collars.
Note: The Button cannot be pressed till the time all the cameras have been placed.
Collecting Dart and Radio-collar: After pressing the button from front side, Dart and Radio-collar have to be collected from rear side of camp 2. Please make a note this is an automated system i.e. once the switch is pressed, a tray shall roll out (for 30 seconds) and only then the dart and radio collar has to be collected.
Sedating the tiger: A tranquilizer has to be shot at the tiger to sedate it. Over here shooting the tiger would mean that the tranquilizer is brought closer to the tiger and it touches the tiger once(mandatorily).
Securely moving the tiger: Tiger has to be dragged carefully from dense forest area to secure area, and placed to a specific position.
Putting the Collar: After placing the tiger, the Radio-Collar has to be put in tiger’s neck completely by taking out the pin of radio-collar(as shown in the video).


Task DescriptionScore
Easy Tasks
Successfully able to reach to camp 1 and open it from the top+80
Successfully able to collect remote camera from camp 1 (Note: Each camera shall fetch you 60 points)+180
Successfully able to fix the camera to specific place (Remember there is specific side to fix camera and fixing each camera would fetch you 30 points)+90
Moderate Tasks
Successfully able to reach to camp 2 and press button from front side (Note: this can only be done once you have collected and installed the three cameras)+50
Successfully able to collect Dart from camp 2 rear side+90
Successfully able to collect Radio collar from camp 2 rear side+110
Level - Difficult
Successfully able to hit the tiger by a dart+80
Successfully able to drag the sedated tiger from dense forest to the secure area and place it in specific position+120
Successfully able to put the Radio collar in tiger’s neck partially (only when the tiger has been placed on its designated position)+100
Successfully able to put the Radio collar in tiger’s neck completely (only when the tiger has been placed on its designated position)+200

Prop Description

Middle Level Rules and Regulations

  • The duration of the run will be 4 minutes and there won’t be any trial time provided for the run on the event day.
  • There is no size restriction on the pickBot or dartBot barring the fact that the wheels of the bot should be able to fit into the start area (1.6ft by 1.75ft).
  • There is no restriction in the number of motors/brains used per robot.
  • Only Avishkaar kits are allowed to build these Robots.
  • A power source of 7.5 Volts and 2200 MAH current is allowed in the bots.
  • Participants can touch the Robots only when they are in the start areas and nowhere else. They can add/remove mechanisms only in start area.
  • If any of the Robot goes out of the arena, the referee would bring it back to the respective Start area and the arena props (if they were attached to the robot in some manner) to their respective start locations.


Mechanical Design
Arena Run