General Terms and Conditions

    The goal of the IRC League (www.ircleague.com) is to promote a keen interest in Science and Technology amongst the participants. Learning has the best effects when done in a conducive and disciplined environment. The purpose of this (General Terms and Conditions) specific document is to get your team signed up on a certain ethic and spirit in which the League would be organized.

    We strongly recommend that you carefully read this document before you sign:
  • After entering the competition venue teams should proceed towards the registration desk and submit the signed acceptance terms and conditions form along with rules and regulation form specific to their competition category (primary/ junior/middle/senior/project) duly signed by team and parent/coach/accompanying teacher.
  • Once team submits these two forms, teams should proceed towards verification desk and get their robots verified in terms of kits used (no other off the shelf kit is allowed – not even Raspberry Pie or Arduino). In terms of size restrictions for your Robot, please refer to rules specific to your category.
  • Teams/parents/teachers/visitors will be provided with their respective accreditation cards and entry in the competition auditorium is subject to showing proper accreditation. Refreshment will be provided only to the team participants and accompanying teacher– parents accompanying the children or visitors should plan for their own meals.
  • Visitors and parents will be asked to sit at their designated area and will not be allowed to enter into the arena area at any point of time.
  • Teachers may enter the specially designed Teacher’s area near the arena, however, even the Teacher would not be allowed to enter in the actual run area.
  • Teachers/ Parents are not allowed to interfere during the actual robot run, any obstruction by the coach in the actual run would result in disqualification of the team from the tournament.
  • Teachers are allowed to speak to the referee after the run and can talk to the referee about any clarifications/doubts and referee will help in clearing doubts. However, in the interest of completing the tournament in a timely manner – this discussion would last till five minutes and not more.
  • If Teacher is not satisfied with referee’s help, he/she may approach the chief referee with the help of a feedback/complaint form within 10 minutes of the actual robot run.
  • No trials runs or second run will be provided on the actual arena under any circumstance.
  • Teams are welcome to access the tool area in case they need assistance with robot parts. However, the parts would be charged if you will have to buy them on the basis of a price list. The organizing team does not guarantee availability of all the parts – its best you come prepared on your own.
  • Teams may have a look at their respective referee sheet to help them understand scoring rules in a better way.
  • Touching the robot by the teams in any area other than the start area can results in time penalty (Freeze) or disqualification.
  • Qualifier rounds will have objective scoring, however, the finale would have subjective judgment as well (the same would be communicated well in advance).
  • After the actual robot run, teams should sign their referee sheet (mandatory).
  • If the teams have finished all the tasks on the arena, the props would be refurbished onto the arena again and any additional scores gained such would be added to their overall tally.
  • Note: Refurbishing would only happen if the team has succeeded in completing all the tasks. Refurbishing has to be done by the referee only. Refurbishing time will not be counted.
  • Any behavior of the teachers/team/coach/parent/visitor that does not support the spirit of the Robotic competition values is highly unwelcomed and we, at IRC League, always believe in healthy discussions if doubts arise but not at the expense of delaying the competition or vilifying the environment.
  • Please consult specially appointed coordinators in case you require help, phone numbers of the coordinators will be provided at the registration desk.
  • Fee chargeable for rechecking of the result Rs.700/- per conflict. Conflicts should be turned in no later than 10 minutes after the actual run to the judge. Failure to comply may result in denial of the conflict excuse.
  • Robots made by a team for one level cannot be used by another team (of the same School or any other school) for same/ different level in the same competition. If found so, both the teams involved would be disqualified.
  • If any material is lost of participants(Manual/Electronic) during competition, then IRC is not responsible.
  • Transportation of students is not IRC management responsibility.
  • We will not be providing any kind of electronic support at venue.

I, ________________, Team Captain of ____________________________________________________, declare that the above general and Level Specific Terms and Conditions are acceptable to me. I also understand that if I do not follow these conditions, my team will be liable for disqualification.
Team Name: ______________________________________
Signature: _________________________________________