What is IRC School League

IRC School League, over the last few years, has become phenomenally popular with more than 500 schools and 15000 participating students across India. IRC League is in its sixth year of challenging young and creative minds to solve a problem that affects our society. IRC League invites students, coaches and all stakeholders of the society to come together and build a better world for tomorrow using the tools of Science and Technology.

We had the international level of IRC last year (2015) at University of Washington in the beautiful city of Seattle, USA. IRC Seattle witnessed an international competition where IRC National Level winning teams from India gave a cut throat competition to teams from all over the world under a common roof.

This year’s theme of IRC Open League is to promote the concept of "You Are The Change". You can form a team of four along with your school friends (of relevant age group – check out eligibility for the same) and. In the open league, the team members have to be from the same School.

This year IRC will witness a fierce competition with more than 600 teams, 2500 students, representing 200 schools will participate at different zonals of this event followed by a National and an International Finale.

IRC 2016 School League is starting!